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David Gottlieb Yuengling

David Yuengling founded the eponymous brewery that eventually became both the largest domestically-owned brewery in America and also the oldest. Read More »

Samuel Untermyer

Samuel Untermyer transformed Guggenheimer & Untermyer into an entrepreneurial Wall Street law firm that represented prominent clients during the late 19th century and throughout much of the 20th. Read More »

The German Component to American Industrialization

The era from 1840 to 1893 was a momentous one both for German-American immigration and for U.S. industrialization, so it bears examining to what extent the two developments were interrelated. Read More »

Arnold Genthe

Arnold Genthe was one of the most sought-after portrait photographers on the West Coast, whose award-winning photographic landscapes and pictures would soon bring both domestic and international recognition. Read More »

America in Global Context: German Entrepreneurs around the World

The United States was undoubtedly the most important, but by no means the only country of destination for German Immigrant Entrepreneurs. German industrialists, merchants, and other entrepreneurs could be found in virtually all world regions where international trade or local markets promised satisfactory returns. Read More »

Expulsion – Plunder – Flight: Businessmen and Emigration from Nazi Germany

Tens of thousands of Germans were forced to emigrate from Nazi Germany. While the circumstances of this emigration are among the most intensively researched questions in German history, the fate of businesspersons in the context of this emigration has received relatively little attention. Read More »

Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.

Florenz Ziegfeld Jr. fundamentally changed show business in the United States: He established the modern Broadway show, used standardized beauty as an integrative marker of a rapidly changing immigrant society, and was essential in America's increasing global dominance of the entertainment industry. Read More »

Charlotte Cramer Sachs

Charlotte Cramer Sachs' company, Cramer Products Company, pioneered the manufacture and distribution of many types of prepared food mixes under the brand Joy Prepared Mixes. Read More »

Sue Mengers

Sue Mengers emerged as a powerful Hollywood agent in the late 1960s and 1970s, a time of enormous challenges and transformation in the entertainment industry, as independent-minded stars and directors took greater control over their projects, a tactic enhanced by the innovative work of agents like Mengers. Read More »

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Welcome to Immigrant Entrepreneurship

Immigrant entrepreneurship was one of the decisive factors in the United States' rise as an economic superpower in the late nineteenth century. The country benefited from the relative openness and freedom that attracted talent from around the world and encouraged minorities who fled discrimination elsewhere to try their luck.

The collaborative research project Immigrant Entrepreneurship: German-American Business Biographies, 1720 to the Present explores the entrepreneurial and economic capacity of immigrants by investigating the German-American example in the United States. It traces the lives, careers, and business ventures of  German-American businesspeople of roughly the last two hundred and ninety years, integrating the history of German-American immigration into the larger narrative of U.S. economic and business history. This online biographical dictionary synthesizes the results of the collaborative research project with a large collection of archival materials. The project is also a work in progress. New materials and essays will be added on a continual basis as the project expands. Continue Reading about the project...